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This is how NOT to do a heatless blowout. This is also how TO do a semi-whack Bantu Knot-Out. Enjoy!

Summa y’all been askin…

So, here it is: a turrible turrban turrturrial, recurrded with my turrible currmara. Enjoy!

HOTD— BIDNDTKOT. ITATL? [“Headwrap of the Day— But, I don’t normally do this kind of thing. Is this acronym too long?”]

A few days back, Natural Belle showed her outfit of the day, as she always does, and she was rocking a headwrap/turban type of deal, as she often does. In this case, it was a June Ambrose-inspired turban, although I must admit I’m not hip enough to know who that is.

My headwrapping abilities are limited, and I usually just do the standard, “take a scarf and use it to make a scarf bun,” kind of wrap. You know what kind of wrap I mean. This kind of deal, more or less. Booooring.

Well, Belle is quite good and rocking much more interesting wraps, as she did in the post linked above, and I’ve been wanting to try out some of the edgier types of turbans and wraps that I see on her blog (which I check daily, incidentally). So, last week I watched this handy dandy tutorial that Belle put up, showing how to do the so-called June Ambrose-inspired turban. Look!

Yeah, by 3:55, I was clicking “Add to Favorites.”

Anyway, I was getting dressed this morning, and having worn a wig the last two days, I was in no mood to wear one again today. It’s been a while since I had to rock a wig all day long, and I’d forgotten how irritating it can be, after a few hours.

The Miss Celie plaits that I’ve been concealing beneath my wig, while feeling moisturized, supple and lovely, aren’t looking lovely enough to dress up for work, so I decided to do a headwrap. I started off with the intention of doing the same old shit— you know, the scarf bun shit— that I always do. But, like a ray of light, Natural Belle’s beautiful June Ambrose tutorial began replaying in my head, and while I don’t think I got it quite the same as she does (since I was too lazy to actually go and rewatch the tut, while I was getting dressed), I am absolutely thrilled with this new way of doing a headwrap. Here is a shitty photo I took of my handiwork on my laptop here at work, just a few minutes ago:

I can already say that I adore this method of rocking a scarf. It’s completely gentle and loose around my edges, while also still being secure. And the swagger I’m feeling from this headwrap is ten times pimper than with my old way. It’s almost regal, like I’m wearing a crown. I’m officially obsessed.

So now, this weekend, my top priority will be getting to a fabric store, so I can get some more biiiiiig pieces of pretty material to do more turban-style wraps. Headwraps were more of a last resort for me before, but now that I can learn how to do all of the fancier looking wraps I’ve always admired on others, I’m excited to be able to use them as a bonafide styling option. This has really reinvigorated my protective styling game— especially since I even have a satin bonnet on underneath, to keep my hair safe and happy. Don’t tell anyone.

Now that the weather will be cooling down soon (although it has been hot as blazes in LA, the past several days), it’s great to have yet another styling option that allows me to keep my hair covered up, while still feeling like I look chic. Thanks, Belle!