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The Accidental Curly Girl: Part I

"The Curly Girl Method." "CG." "Modified CG." These are all terms that I have been hearing, since I first started giving a shit about may hair back in 2010. When I was just getting acquainted with all of the hair resources on YouTube, Jess, a.k.a. MahoganyCurls, was one of the first ladies to whom I subscribed. I’m not even sure I knew what it meant to subscribe” to someone on YouTube, at the time.

Our hair textures are completely different, but I was struggling with dryness, and nothing I tried seemed to keep my hair feeling moisturized. Jess described having to overcome the same issue, so it was due to Jess, primarily, that I became acquainted with the Curly Girl: The Handbook (this thing). Going “strict CG” seemed to be what made the difference for her hair’s moisture, so I borrowed the book from the library to see what magic I was missing.

It was the first edition, at the time, and while I found it interesting anecdotally, I didn’t really feel like the book and methods it contained were really meant for me. I do recall that there was a chapter in the book about caring for black hair, but the models pictured had textures that were drastically different from my own, so the advice and guidelines just didn’t seem very pertinent. Of all the curls described and celebrated in that book, none resembled mine.

Frankly, I did not then, and I do not now, think of my hair as “curly,” nor do I think of myself as a “curly girl.” There are plenty of people who would consider my hair texture undesirable— you know, nappy— which is perhaps why none of those models in the book (neither the 1st nor 2nd edition, for the record) have hair like mine. Most of my hair doesn’t form uniform little coils and ringlets. My curls have kinks. And some of those curls are more like waves. And most of them are only clumping together if they’re tangling.

Plus, there was no way I was giving up shampoo— at least at that time. It just sounded like a bad idea, not to mention that it sounded sort of gross.

The Accidental Curly Girl: Part II