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My hair is all the way greased up (pre-pooing with some Vatika oil in prep for a wash), but I’m about to head to a cookout for Memorial Day weekend, and I didn’t want to rock a turban today. So, I de-bagged my head, bunned my oily hair and added some old Havana Hair around my bun to beef it up.



I was inspired by the Chic Natural’s old video on her “turban bun.” I didn’t position my bun as close to my forehead as she did, but I’m pretty pleased with the result, since it took less than two minutes to do, and has me looking fairly presentable.

Now, I just have to focus on enjoying myself at the party, instead of dreading my detangle/wash session later tonight. Ugh.

Two Flat Twists. Out.


I have had ZERO interest in dealing with my hair the last few months, so last week I finally had a long overdue wash day, and then threw it in two sloppy flat twists. Seriously, the “part” down the middle, if you could even call it that, looked like a river. It was nowhere close to being straight.

Anyway, I wound up wearing those two flat twists all week, because did I mention that I’m in NO MOOD for my hair these days? Then, I took the twists out and was left with a fluffy, full puffy mane with some hints at definition. I kinda liked it, except for the flakes I had from using too much product when I put the twists in. Whomp.



Sooooo, in an attempt to stretch my hair more than I can do with twists or braids, I went ahead and tried my first ever roller set with magnetic rollers (these exact ones). That’s what it was looking like after the rollers had been in 5 or so hours. I had to take them out before my hair was fully dry, because there was no way I’d be able to sleep in those things. Even though my hair was still a bit damp, I do have to say it was a pretty good, heatless, stretch.

As you can see, for the most part, my texture is still intact (again, since it wasn’t fully dry, and I didn’t roll my hair super duper tightly), so it’s not as stretched as a blowout would be. I haven’t blow dried my hair since early 2010, if you’re curious. I also didn’t use any combs to do the set. I wasn’t stressing out about getting my hair straight or anything, I only wanted to see what would happen with this, as opposed to my usual stretching methods.

I will absolutely be playing around with this method of stretching my hair more, but will do it earlier in the day, so that my hair can be completely dry before I have to go to bed. FYI, I wound up putting my hair into a bun for bed, in an attempt to keep it from shrinking up too much as it continued to dry.

Any of y’all ever tried roller setting/air drying to stretch (rather than doing it to set some curls)? Let me know your tips and experiences.

Continuing to hide my hair, and I’m going to Minnesota tomorrow to freeze my ass of go to a wedding. I usually do the turbans during this self-imposed challenge M-F, and just a hat on the weekend, or a wig if I’m actually going somewhere.

But, for MN, I think I’m going to wear a wig AND a hat, to keep my head extra warm, and my hair extra protected. I’m from NY, but I’ve been living in SoCal for the last 12 years, and I am not fit for a NY winter any more, let alone the fucking negative temperatures in Minneapolis today. Fuck that shit.

This wig is by It’s a Wig! (and yes, you do have to yell that wig company’s name, every time you say it), and the unit name is Patricia. It was about $25, probably a bit less, and I cut a shload of hair off of it, to make it less Rick James-ey. Going to a concert tonight, so I figured I’d wear some fun hair, rather than a headwrap.

I bought this wig only because I saw FabulasityIsMe rocking it, and fell in love with how she worked it out. Love that girl’s style. Check her out!

No, I didn’t cut (and press and curl) my hair. But, I’ve been hiding my hair with turbans and wigs since October, and it’s been working really nicely to keep my hair 100% protected pretty much all the time.

Just thought I’d show you guys the wig I’m wearing today, which is the semi-famous-thanks-to-YouTube “Mommy Wig,” by Janet Collection. I’m really into short wigs right now, and have been wearing a mohawk wig as well, that I’ll show on here or my YouTube channel sometime soon.

Other than that, I want to wish a happy new year to you all! At the very beginning of this year, I claimed that it would be a wonderful year for me, and let the universe know that it would be so. Sure enough, 2012 was a year packed full of blessings for me— more than I imagined, even— and I can’t wait to receive all of the blessings 2013 will bring! I wish the same to all of you in the new!

This is how NOT to do a heatless blowout. This is also how TO do a semi-whack Bantu Knot-Out. Enjoy!

I cut my hair back in August, and finally got around to editing the video to show you guys how I did it. This is the second *real* trim I’ve done on my hair, and I’m still so glad I did it, months later. It is time consuming, but 100% worth doing. And, I will absolutely continue to do “deep” trims like this at least once a year, or as often as I see significant bustedness on my ends.

My method is inspired by and adapted from Naptural85’s trimming technique, which you can see here. The main difference is that I still use only my fingers to detangle the whole time— no combs at all, except for parting off sections to work with.

The Accidental Curly Girl: Part III

If I have to think of one word to characterize my hair, more often that not, the first word that comes to mind is “tangled.” I realize that this can come off as a somewhat negative view of my own hair, but the truth is, it’s just an accurate one. My hair tangles. A lot. And easily. I’d significantly improved my hair’s ability to retain moisture, once I stopped being an idiot, and quit using shampoo since it clearly wasn’t working for me. But the tangles, oh, the tangles. They persisted.

My struggles with figuring out how to ease my detangling woes have resulted in a collection of combs (and a couple of brushes), that are sitting in a closet, somewhere in my apartment. As time wore on, my scalp wore out. Detangling sessions were nightmares. Every time I’d comb out my hair, I’d comb out my hair. I’d have a hairball the size of a large orange, by the time I was done.

I began experimenting with finger detangling pretty early on in my hair growth experiment, here and there. But, I certainly hadn’t ever gotten the hang of it enough to really do the damn thing, and it took FORFUCKINGEVER. Watching girls rake their fingers through their curls and coils on YouTube seemed impossible for my tight, kinky non-clumping-ass strands.

Still, after I’d been on this growth quest for a year or so, I realized I needed to put a real effort into learning how to detangle my hair— at least partially— with my fingers. So, that’s how it began, in earnest. I started incorporating a new first step into my routine where I would feel around for major knots, smoothing my hair, so it was more or less going in the same direction. I’d use a generous amount of oil (coconut or Vatika, natch), and I’d use this time to also section my hair for my wash process. You know, like this.

Aside from one semi-traumatizing incident, detangling with only my hands seemed to be working out more and more for me, as time went on. Pretty soon, I was combing out my hair only once a month or so, then only every 6-8 weeks, then even less than that. As the combs became increasingly infrequent players in my routine, I inadvertently figured out better methods to detangle my hair throughout my entire wash process.

I’d do my smoothing/light detangling/sectioning/pre-poo hybrid thing as step 1. If I was doing henna or anything like that, I’d do that next. I’d detangle and smooth even more while conditioner-washing my hair, in the shower. And I’d do the “fuck off this is for real” detangle afterward, with lots of conditioner in my hair. After being shampoo-free for several months, it actually became possible to run my fingers through each section of my hair, once a section was detangled thoroughly (and with the help of a slippery conditioner, God bless ‘em). Still takes forfuckingever, though.

We’re nearing the end of 2012, and I can say that I haven’t used a comb on my hair since January 2012. I haven’t used a shampoo since 2011. I stay away from silicones, mineral oil and petroleum, and have done since 2010. Same thing for heat styling of any kind.

I started giving a shit about my hair in the summer of 2010. And, without realizing, as the months and years have gone by, my hair routine aligned with several of the main tenets of the whole “Curly Girl regimen”— the same regimen I’d written off as “not applicable” for my hair, early on in this whole pursuit. And, I don’t know if this is due to the finger detangling, avoiding shampoo or both, but apparently, I do have some curls that clump. (Read: SOME.) I guess they were too frizzed out and dried out to reveal themselves before, but I seen ‘em!

So, I guess I stand corrected. Maybe the CG life is for me. In fact, I’m in the process of designing a “CG LIFE” tattoo for my abdomen, in the style of Tupac’s THUG LIFE tatt. I’m an unexpected CG covert.

Oh, except for one thing, though. FUCK a wash and go. Tangles? SSKs? And gel? NO MA’AM.

The Accidental Curly Girl: Part I
The Accidental Curly Girl: Part II

I did a video, again. In this one, I’m talmbout tangled ends, and how to deal with them without trimming your hair. ‘Tis all.