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This happened…

And then, this happened.

Obviously, my Nefertiti Hi-Top’s top isn’t as high as Cipriana’s Nefertiti Hi-Top’s top (say that five times fast); but, considering that this was just a test run of this style, I’m pretty pleased with it. I’m about to lube up my hair with some Vatika oil, since I’m washing my hair this weekend. But, once I had taken down the updo I’ve been wearing for this week, I decided to give Cipriana’s Nefertiti Hi-Top updo a go, just to see if I could even approximate the look. I mean, my name is Nefertiti, so it’s basically mandatory for me to at least try this one.

This style is easy to do, ZERO tension and it totally goes with my personal style. Most importantly, my ends are all tucked away and in witness protection, just the way I like them.

Yeah. I’m into this updo. Big time. Even better, I used only 4 or 5 bobby pins to do it.

In conclusion, fuck yes. The end. Oh, and that’s an owl on my head, in case you were wondering.

Le Tigre

If you havin’ ‘fro problems, I feel bad for you, son. I got 99 problems, and a pick ain’t one.

Well, actually, maybe it is one. See, I’m tenderheaded. Also, my hair hates being combed and really, really loves to break, when I do comb it. These two factors indicate that I should probably finger detangle at all times, and call it a day.

Which is what I did. I didn’t comb my hair from April until about August, of this year. The problem, it turns out, is I don’t yet know how to finger detangle thoroughly enough to completely ditch the comb, apparently. And, I discovered, much to my dismay, a SHIT TON of tangles and matted sections, while putting my hair in some big braids for bed one August night. (I’d worn my hair in one of my extremely rare braidouts, that day.)

Now. I can’t say for sure that the months of comb-free living were entirely to blame, since I had styled my hair in flat twists and kinky twist styles in that time span successfully, and certainly did not detect such nightmarish patches of knots and matting hair. I don’t see how I could’ve completed a a flat twist style, if they’d been there all along. But, it also seems awfully unlikely that a braidout that I wore for one day could have been the culprit on its own.

Regardless, what ensued after my discovery was a four part nightmare I now refer to as The Great Detangling (never forget). After I put my hair into about 20 twists, over the course of FOUR FUCKING DAYS, I detangled 3-5 twists a night with my fingers, painstakingly removing hair from the matted sections strand by strand with the help of oil and some leave-in conditioner. After each section was done, I combed it to remove any last tangles, and converted the erstwhile twist into a braid.

Since I never ever want to do that shit ever again ever, I’ve come to terms with the fact that a 100% comb-free routine is simply something I’m not ready for, just yet. Going forward, my plan is to go back to combing once every 4-6 weeks, depending on how my hair is styled. It just sucks, though, because I’ve already been noticing my breakage is on the rise, again, now that the comb is back. And, did I mention I’m tenderheaded? Until I have mastered truly detangling my hair with only my fingers, though, this is my only recourse.

On the upside, even though my hair still breaks far more than I’d like it to as it is, and entirely too much during combing, there is a marked reduction in the amount of breakage I experience now as compared to a year ago. I attribute this to my use of henna, as well as still relying on finger detangling as my first and main step in removing knots.

I aspire to have the finger detangling prowess of Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes, someday, who has impossibly awesome hair and, for all intents and purposes, doesn’t even know what a comb is. Seriously, this girl has been completely comb-free for years, and one look at her hurr tells you she knows what she knows what she’s doing.

But, clearly, as The Great Detangling illustrated, I do not. Not yet. So, for now, I comb. Just not too much. And, not too often. And, I’m okay with that.