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I did a video, again. In this one, I’m talmbout tangled ends, and how to deal with them without trimming your hair. ‘Tis all.

This Video + Me = DEAD

Summa y’all been askin…

So, here it is: a turrible turrban turrturrial, recurrded with my turrible currmara. Enjoy!

This is a video I did today. Apparently, yes, it would kill me to put on some fucking lipstick. Oof. Sorry, guys.

In the video, I run through the various hair styling implements and accessories that have helped me to reduce the amount of breakage I experience during styling. Breakage is a ho-bag skank who I will beat up in an alley behind a Wendy’s, one day. I hate breakage. So, let’s fight that bitch— TOGETHER. Otherwise, the terrorists win.

So, I kind of started a YouTube channel. My first video was just a contest entry, but I’ve done a couple more since then…just because I felt like it, basically.

So, yeah, that’s me. Talkin’ ‘bout breakage. Breakage blows. Although it is unlikely, I hope my rambling helps one of y’all, out there.

Double the Pimp Hand, Double the ‘Fro

I was just talking about Cipriana of UrbanBushBabes, and her majestic tresses. Dis here Cipriana and dem tresses:


Well, if you read the BGLH feature, then you already know that Cipriana has a twin sister. Dis here Cipriana sister, TK Wonder, and her hurr:



Sheesh. TK is an MC, so yes, her pimp hand is strong.

These two girls have enough hair for about four heads. Shit ain’t even fair. They are both absolutely lovely, and absolutely inspiring— not just because of the hair, but because of their uniqueness. These twins are one of a kind. Um. You know what I mean. I can’t wait to see more from them.

YouTube alert!

This is the first video (so far, anyway) from UrbanBushBabes, a channel which needs to be added to your YouTube subscriptions posthaste.

Both of these ladies have beautiful heads of hair, but Cipriana (the one on the left) has effing glorious hair. I really have just never seen anything like it! Her texture is much more like my own, so her hair size/length is truly inspirational, for me.

In case you haven’t hit PLAY already, the video is about the hair care regimens and products of Cipriana and her p.i.c. (“partner in crime”), Nikisha, the duo henceforth known as the UrbanBushBabes. If you’ve had the displeasure of reading any of my past rants, you know that I’m constantly shrieking about my belief in the importance of hair care practices, and not products. However, the reason I’m still recommending that you check out a products/regimen video is, I found this one to be very supportive of my proselytizing over developing personalized and sound hair care practices for the hair you have, not just doing what someone else does because she has the hair you want.

The UBBs have two very different types of hair, and thus, have two very different types of hair care routines. I commend them for doing this conversational style of a regimen/products video, because it really does illuminate the importance of sorting out what your own needs are, and how both of them evolved into being such experts on their own strands.

I came across their channel today, when BGLH posted a fairly lengthy feature on Cipriana. So, head on over there if you want to read more about her hair story and such. Eees gooood!

"Drew" by Beshe be BANGIN’

The above is Ebony of ColouredBeautiful (terrific makeup tutorials for women of colour color, by the way; I have “favorited” several), rocking the “Drew” lacefront wig by Beshe. She uploaded this not-really-a-review just yesterday, so it’s fresh out of the oven.

I stalked this wig for a couple of months, and I finally got it a few weeks ago. Indeed, I wore it out last night, and I adore this wig. I enjoy using wigs for the versatility they allow me, without having to manipulate and damage my hair at all to achieve a different look in seconds. I think of them more as hair hats— I even have an afro wig that looks pretty much just like my own hair. Some might wonder why I bother with a wig that more or less looks just like what is concealed underneath it. I like it because the ‘fro wig is representational of what I really have and what I’m protecting underneath it, while still letting me actually protect what’s underneath it.

I have no qualms about wearing wigs, and think they’re definitely worth experimenting with, if you are interested in a new way of “protective styling,” or simply wearing your hair out…without, you know, wearing your hair out.

In any case, Drew is an awesome wig if you want some hair that mimics the texture of real black hair semi-closely— which is pretty much what I always want in my wigs; the bigger and curlier, the better. Coincidentally, I bought my Drew from Elevate Styles, as Ebony did. I recommend the site highly, having purchased two wigs from them now, both without incident and with pretty quick shipping. However, I believe Hair Wig Harlem also still has Drew in stock, and I like them, too. So, if you like Drew, go git it.

Just so you know, I don’t get paid by any of them folks. Just sharing some info with y’all, hoping it might help somebody.

My New Favorite YouTube Hair Chick!

When I first took on this challenge of growing my hair to its maximum potential in June, one of the first YouTube hair chicks to really elevate the whole “hair vlogging” (gah, I really hate that word, “vlogging”) game was Naptural85. She makes quality videos, and I aspire to get my hair routine to be as simplified as hers, not to mention to get my ‘fro as luscious as hers. Seriously, her hair incites salivation. Don’t judge me. So, if you don’t already know about Nap, she’s pretty much the best. Check out her latest video on winter hair care.

But, this post isn’t about Naptural85. I still adore her, of course; however, I randomly came across a video by a YouTube blogger named MsVcharles, this weekend. Here’s a taste:

See? Her videos are funny, well made and unique enough to set her apart from the waaaay overcrowded “natural hair vlogger” sect. Plus, she’s cute as a button! I don’t think I’ve ever used that phrase before in my life, but it’s totally accurate here.

MsVcharles, or “Vee,” is in the process of reuploading all of her videos, so that she meets all requirements to be eligible for YouTube partnership. So, I guess that means removing all those unlicensed NWA tracks (wild guess) that she had playing on the originals.

Though my subscription to her channel is a mere two days old, I’ve watched most of her videos already, and I can assure you she is fully deserving of partnership— especially taking into account some of the other shit show channels I’ve seen that somehow have earned YouTube partnership.

So, best of luck to Vee! I can’t wait to see more from her.