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I have purple hair now.


I should say I have purple hair for now, because this did not turn out as I’d envisioned. I’m more excited to get these twists out of my head than I was to finish putting them in, last Sunday.

Turns out, despite being fairly on point with my kinky twist game, the same is 100% not true for my Senegalese twist game. These things have been fraying and unravelling like crazy. The hair tangled horribly the entire time I was installing them. I couldn’t get the purple and the dark brown hair to blend the way I wanted (I wanted them blended together seamlessly, not these gross chunky highlights from 2003).


And! The “invisible method” of installation is, apparently, incompatible with silky-ish hair. It works great for me with Marley hair, but this shit looks worse than the OG braiding-then-twisting method of attaching the hair.

Woof. I’ma rock these for four weeks MAXIMUM, and then be done with it. I don’t hate them as much as I did a few days ago— mostly because I’ve accepted my fate, and embraced the ratch.


I also am sort of having fun with the length. I haven’t had booty braids in about 10 years, and I’ve never done them on myself. So, I think it’ll be really fun to try them again with a better installation technique, as well as with some kinky twists, in the future.

Trying another roller set, which I’m letting air dry all day today.  It turned out decently well last time, despite my utter lack of skill in getting my kinky, puffy, shrink-a-dink strands around the rollers.  It took me a good 40 minutes or so, I’d guess, to get this things in my hair.  This is after a 6 hour finger detangling session yesterday, so you can imagine that I’m ready to shave my head, at the moment.Anyway, I’ll let y’all know how well this set stretches my hair.  I’m planning to film it for my YT channel, so you’ll be able to check that out, if you’re interested.  Then again, why would you be?Enjoy your Labor Day!


Trying another roller set, which I’m letting air dry all day today. It turned out decently well last time, despite my utter lack of skill in getting my kinky, puffy, shrink-a-dink strands around the rollers. It took me a good 40 minutes or so, I’d guess, to get this things in my hair. This is after a 6 hour finger detangling session yesterday, so you can imagine that I’m ready to shave my head, at the moment.

Anyway, I’ll let y’all know how well this set stretches my hair. I’m planning to film it for my YT channel, so you’ll be able to check that out, if you’re interested. Then again, why would you be?

Enjoy your Labor Day!

Homemade Rose Face Cream: Take 2



So, my first batch of face cream is dunzo, and it was time to take a second stab at it. I had some dissatisfaction with the consistency and texture of the first batch (it was too oily— to the extent that it would slide off of my fingers when trying to grab a dab), so I went with a different formulation template for this one. The key things I wanted to do were

1.) make less of it, in case it sucks again


2.) find a formula that was more than 50% water, to ensure I didn’t have too oily of a result again

I also decided to switch up the oils I used, to some extent. Having researched other oils that are good for hyperpigmentation and evening out skin tone, I bought some tamanu and sea buckthorn oils. I also threw in some evening primrose oil, because it’s also a good ‘un for more anti-aging benefits.

As before, this is by no means a recipe that I am recommending. Rather, this is to serve as a document of what I did this time around, so I know not to do it ever again if I hate it, and/or what I can take from it if I love some things about it. (I am not naive enough to think it’s going to be perfect on just my second try, so there’s no way it’s going to be exactly this recipe on Take 3.)

Here’s what I did.

Oil Phase (32g total)
9g rosehip seed oil
6g shea butter
4g tamanu oil
4g evening primrose oil
3g jojoba oil
3g argan oil
2g vitamin e oil
1g sea buckthorn oil

Water Phase (60g total)
45g rose water
13g aloe juice
2g glycerin

Emulsifier (8g total)
8g emulsifying wax (e-wax)

I was concerned about heating a lot of these oils with the e-wax, which is what you need to do to make lotions and stuff, so I decided to only heat the shea butter and jojoba oil with the e-wax over a double boiler, just to get the e-wax melted and incorporated into the two oils that I deemed to be the most able to “take it”— which honestly was based on nothing other than me deciding that this was the case.

I then let that cool down a bit, so it was warm but not hot, and then added my other oils in. Next time, I will definitely have a thermometer, so I can make sure I’m not destroying any of the oils’ beneficial qualities by heating them beyond recommended temperatures.

Once the oils were all blended with the e-wax, I heated the combined water phase ingredients just enough so they seemed to be about as warm as the oil phase. Then, I combined them, and started blending with a stick blender.

This made a total fucking mess and got all over my kitchen counter and walls, so I stopped using the stick blender and finished mixing it all by hand, with a whisk.

Anyhoo, I then added my preservative, which was about .5g of germall plus (eyeballed it because my scale can’t measure in fractions of a gram…), as well as 3 drops of tea tree oil, 2 drops each of lemon and grapefruit essential oil, followed by 1 drop of lime oil. The idea here is that maybe the citrus will give an extra boost for the brightening and evening of my skins [sic], but much like my reasoning behind being okay with heating the shea butter and jojoba oil, I doubt that this is sound, scientifically.

That’s pretty much it. The cream is setting now, and hopefully it’ll be nice and thick, and will actually stay on my effing fingers when I go to scoop some up. I’ll start using it tonight, so I’ll let you guys know what I think/thought of it, after I’ve used it for a while— or, let’s face it, probably not until after it’s all gone and I’m making a 3rd version of this ish.



My hair is all the way greased up (pre-pooing with some Vatika oil in prep for a wash), but I’m about to head to a cookout for Memorial Day weekend, and I didn’t want to rock a turban today. So, I de-bagged my head, bunned my oily hair and added some old Havana Hair around my bun to beef it up.



I was inspired by the Chic Natural’s old video on her “turban bun.” I didn’t position my bun as close to my forehead as she did, but I’m pretty pleased with the result, since it took less than two minutes to do, and has me looking fairly presentable.

Now, I just have to focus on enjoying myself at the party, instead of dreading my detangle/wash session later tonight. Ugh.

Two Flat Twists. Out.


I have had ZERO interest in dealing with my hair the last few months, so last week I finally had a long overdue wash day, and then threw it in two sloppy flat twists. Seriously, the “part” down the middle, if you could even call it that, looked like a river. It was nowhere close to being straight.

Anyway, I wound up wearing those two flat twists all week, because did I mention that I’m in NO MOOD for my hair these days? Then, I took the twists out and was left with a fluffy, full puffy mane with some hints at definition. I kinda liked it, except for the flakes I had from using too much product when I put the twists in. Whomp.

I've done roller sets for stretching in the past, and I didn't really like how they came out. I could never get the tension right. So I am experimenting with flexi rods and curlformers (they have small sample packs), which I like a lot better.

I have some bootleg Curlformers that I got on eBay, but I’ve been too scared to try them.  Something about that hook just looks like trouble!  But, I do want to give them a shot someday, and I’ll definitely post some photos and/or video when I do.

hi , was the the mommy wig hard to maintain and can you give me some tips plz :)

I don’t find it hard to maintain, but I don’t wear it often at all (usually because I don’t have my hair in flat twists or another style that *lets* me wear the wig without it looking crazy).  I would just say that if it seems dry, spritz it with some water or a light leave-in.  It is human hair, after all.  Just don’t use anything heavy.  Let me know how you like it!


Sooooo, in an attempt to stretch my hair more than I can do with twists or braids, I went ahead and tried my first ever roller set with magnetic rollers (these exact ones). That’s what it was looking like after the rollers had been in 5 or so hours. I had to take them out before my hair was fully dry, because there was no way I’d be able to sleep in those things. Even though my hair was still a bit damp, I do have to say it was a pretty good, heatless, stretch.

As you can see, for the most part, my texture is still intact (again, since it wasn’t fully dry, and I didn’t roll my hair super duper tightly), so it’s not as stretched as a blowout would be. I haven’t blow dried my hair since early 2010, if you’re curious. I also didn’t use any combs to do the set. I wasn’t stressing out about getting my hair straight or anything, I only wanted to see what would happen with this, as opposed to my usual stretching methods.

I will absolutely be playing around with this method of stretching my hair more, but will do it earlier in the day, so that my hair can be completely dry before I have to go to bed. FYI, I wound up putting my hair into a bun for bed, in an attempt to keep it from shrinking up too much as it continued to dry.

Any of y’all ever tried roller setting/air drying to stretch (rather than doing it to set some curls)? Let me know your tips and experiences.

Going Green.


As part of my new rules for living, there’s going to be a lot more green in my future. I started experimenting with green smoothies a lot more in November and December of last year, and figured out a recipe that I really like (and even crave, which is kind of awesome). So, to keep things simple and plain, this will probably be the green smoothie I do most of the time, to stay in line with my promise to myself.

It’s pretty dope to be able to do something that I know is really good for me, that is also pretty easy and tastes really good. I took inspiration from a couple of awesome ladies on YT to come up with this concoction, so check out India’s video here and ynotkeeb’s video here, for more ideas.

And, if you’re interested in what all is in my giant mason jar in up there (which I am sipping from as I type this), here it go:

a shit ton of spinach
some kale (sometimes, I use broccoli)
parsley (for smoothies, I like the curly kind)
coconut water
light coconut milk (you can use regular, just don’t use too much)
half of one fresh (or half a bag of frozen) pineapple
a pinch of coconut flakes
a tablespoon of flax seeds
1/2 teaspoon of maca root powder (learned about this from HeyFranHey!)

1.) Put the flax seeds in your blender all by themselves, and blend for about 60 seconds. [Note: I do this because, in order to absorb the beneficial omegas in the flax seeds, the cell walls must be broken down PRIOR to ingestion, otherwise our body won’t be able to digest them and it’s a big waste of time. You’ll need a high-powered blender to break down the flax seeds sufficiently. If you have a kind of crappy blender, you can get flax seeds pre-ground at the health food store. I just prefer to do it myself.]

2.) Fill the blender 2/3 to 3/4 of the way with the spinach. Then add in your kale (or broccoli, or whatever your second green is for that day, if you have a second green). Top it off with about a handful of parsley.

3.) Add some coconut milk, maybe half a cup. And then add some coconut water— enough so that there’s enough liquid to be able to blend all the vegetables. I probably use a cup or so.

4.) Blend that shit up. Once all the vegetables have blended down for the most part, shut off your blender.

5.) Add in your pineapple, coconut flakes and maca.

6.) Blend it again, until it looks like a smoothie.

7.) Drink it.

8.) [Optional] Tell all your friends on Tumblr.

That’s pretty much it. Just be careful not to blend your smoothie too much, because that’ll increase the rate at which oxidation occurs.

Sometimes I’ll add in the juice of a lemon, or use different fruits (pineapple + mango, peaches, etc.). All in all, though, this is the basic framework for a smoothie that tastes pretty damn good— to me, anyway. And, it lets me get in waaaaay more greens than I would ever take the time to eat. I’d be sitting there for an hour or more, trying to chomp on all that spinach. NO THANKS.

Let me know your favorite green smoothie recipe, and/or if you try this one.

I will…


1.) Work out 3x/week [AT LEAST. Seriously, getting in only 3 days of workouts will have to be a shit ass muh fuggin week, but still something I can and will live with because 3 is very doable and certainly well more than ZERO days/week— esp since I tend to oscillate between 7 days a week and, uhm, no days per week… (Sidebar: I think I should really just resolve to be less extreme, this year…)].

2.) Drink green smoothies or juice(s) 3x/week (AT LEAST, and not necessarily on the same days that I get my sweat on, which I promise to do above, separately. This is just a means to get in more green, nutritional goodness in a consistent and long term way. Besides, I figured out a green smoothie recipe that I really like, so why not enjoy it more often?)

3.) Make sure my man knows I luh him and that he is appreciated for every ounce that he deserves. We had some rough times this year, due to me some hormonal imbalances (read: birth control pills…I’m not on them any more…more on this later, since it is an entire blog post— nay, a series of blog posts…).

4.)Post to my YT channel 1x/month. Srsly. Once a month is not that much. WHAT IS WAS MY PROBLEM?!

5.) Be happier. Even though I’m putting this at number five, it really is my number one thing.

See, the ordering of these things is pretty arbitrary. The only thing that I have resolved for 2014 is to be happier, and everything that I have outlined above is a means to that end. I know the things about my life that I would love to improve upon (and now you do, since I just told them to you fairly explicitly); and, in improving upon/acomplishing these things, I will be loads happier.

So, there you have it. These aren’t “resolutions,” since something about the very wording and concept of new year resolutions makes me queasy. But, it is a set of intentions.

Or, perhaps just a plan I’m stating aloud, to satisfy one overarching intention. In case you weren’t paying attention, that intention = more happy! Wish me luck.

Lip of the Night: MAC Rebel


Stupid flash really jacked up the color, but the lighting in my apartment is the whackness. Still, you get the idea. I’m rocking one of my all time favorite lip colors, MAC’s Rebel, paired with the matching “lipglass” (their dumb name for lipgloss, for the uninitiated), and I lined my lips…

Homemade Rose Face Cream: Take 1


In my continuing quest to transition to an all (or at least mostly) natural skin care routine, I’ve been playing around with different things to moisturize my face. I had been using a shea butter mix I made specifically for my face, which was shea butter (duh), argan oil,…

NappyHeadedJojoba: The WATER Challenge!


I don’t drink enough water. I’ve gone through phases of my life where I’ve been really good about getting in 8 or so glasses a day, but those phases have only been here and there, and certainly have not populated the last 2+ years of my life.

It’s not that I’m drinking juice and soda and…


Don’t eat this. While I do agree it looks like a dessert, it’s actually my latest kitchen concoction for my hair. My typical pre-poo is just EVCO (extra virgin coconut oil), which I use because science, and also because coconut oil is the shit.

This right here is a quick video of me stirring up a mixture I made today, which is coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, vitamin E oil, glycerin, water and some emulsifying wax (was feeling fancy!) to keep it from separating, since we all know that oil and water don’t mix.

So, I’m going to be playing around with this mixture as my prepoo (and maybe as a deep conditioner, too), in the coming weeks, to see if it works even better than my beloved EVCO on its own. I’m basically just playing around with something I know that works, and putting it on HGH to make it even better. Hopefully.

I’m not putting the specific recipe here yet, because it might fucking suck. But, if it doesn’t, I’ll be sure to let you guys know and disclose all my secrets.

Bye, for now!